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Critical Factors Affecting Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation: An Explanatory Case Study


Saad Ghaleb Yaseen


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 359-363


Knowledge-based pharmaceutical industry in Jordan has adopted ERP system to sustain the competitiveness of the industry in the local and global market. This research examines the essential factors that enable or inhibit the success of ERP implementation. It uses a case study methodology to analyze these factors in terms of a firm's organizational performance and ERP capabilities and functions. As a result of using ERP system the capabilities of the system were either not well utilized or never utilized. Having a deep review at the functions available in the system and the functions used it can be easily concluded that a maximum of 10% of the functions were utilized, meaning that the company paid $450000 to invest only 10% of the cost which is only 31,500, and that a total of 283,500 JD is considered as a sunk cost that is not utilized.


Enterprise Resource Planning, Critical Factors, Users Acceptance