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A Behavioral Biometric Approach Based on Standardized Resolution in Mouse Dynamics


S.Benson Edwin Raj, A. Thomson santhosh


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 370-377


Mouse dynamics is a form of behavioral biometrics that can be used for several security applications. Similar to keystroke dynamics, mouse dynamics does not required special hardware device for data collection. We target biometric identification problem by focusing on extracting the behavioral features related to the user and using this features for computer security. Standardized mouse dynamics biometrics involves a signature that is based on selected mouse movement characteristics under different screen resolution and mouse pointer speed settings. Several experiments are conducted under different settings to form the mouse dynamics signature of the user. Earlier approaches failed to give better results when performed under different screen resolution and mouse pointer speed. Our approach standardizes the user signature irrespective of the setting making it more useful for security application.


Biometrics, network security, mouse dynamics