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Three Dimensional Motion Vectorless Compression


Rohini Nagapadma, Narasimha Kaulgud


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 384-389


Video Compression can be performed by Motion Compensation and Three Dimensional Motion Vectorless method. In Motion Compensation [6], [8], [9], motion is estimated to get a predictor block in a past reference frame and the error between two blocks with the relative displacement is sent, for each block in the current frame. This reduces the number of bytes needed to represent the video. The Motion Vectorless video compression using the Three Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform (3D-DCT) algorithm developed exploits spatial and temporal redundancies and does not use the computational intensive Motion Compensation algorithm to remove interframe correlation. Since all DCT multiplications are real it is easy to realize. Quantization and Run-length coding follow 3D-DCT. Actual timing analysis is obtained to show that the Three Dimensional scheme generates near real time video compression.


Video Compression, Motion Vectorless, Motion Compensation, DCT, Conditional Replenishment