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Unassailable Cryptosystem for Securing Magnetic Stripe Card using A Brand New Hash and Encryption Algorithm


Latha Karthigaa.M., Balachandar.N., Karthi.M.


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 396-400


In day to day life, Magnetic stripe card plays an important role. Open your wallet! See at least 10 to 15 cards in it. Wondering? Today, the world is fully in the hands of stripe cards since it is easy to carry and even if it is stolen, it is secure. But due to the increase in hackers today, Magnetic stripe cards are becoming insecure now. Even the Encrypted PIN can be easily stolen by the cryptanalysts. So it is time now to secure the Magnetic stripe card. In this paper, we have applied a new encryption and a new hash algorithm to keep the information secure in stripe cards. The main advantage of this paper is, on an average, even the supercomputer will take 10574 years to decrypt, which is 22.8% higher than the previous proposals.


Brand New Hash, Encryption Algorithm