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Open Shortest Path First Weight Setting (OSPFWS) solving algorithms comparison and new method for updating weights


Ahmed Mahmoud Abo Ghazala, Ayman EL-SAYED


Vol. 9  No. 5  pp. 191-197


Open shortest path first is the most commonly used intera-domain routing protocol. It selects the paths which traffic is routed within autonomous systems. OSPF calculates routes as follow. Each link is assigned weights by operator. Each node within the autonomous system computes shortest paths and creates destination tables to route data to next node along the path to its destination. Shortest paths are selected according to path cost. Path cost is determined by sum of its weight links. Then link weights determine the shortest paths, which in turn determine the routing of network traffic flow. OSPF weights setting problem is to find a set of OSPF weights that optimizes network performance. OSPF weights setting problem is an NP-hard problem. In the last couple of years, various algorithms for OSPF weights setting problem have been proposed. In this paper, we present a survey of OSPF weights setting algorithms and compare their performance; also new method for updates weights is introduced.


Open Shortest Path First Weight Setting, OSPFWS