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A Study of Vague Search to Answer Imprecise Query


Ashit Kumar Dutta, Ranjit Biswas


Vol. 9  No. 5  pp. 198-205


This paper the authors propose a new method of intelligent search called vague-search to find the most suitable match for the predicates to answer any imprecise query made by the database users. The method is based on the theory of vague sets introduced by Gau and Buehrer. A corresponding fuzzy method could be generated a special case of our proposed method it is also to be mentioned that the vague-search method could be easily incorporated in the existing commercial query languages of DBMS to serve the lay users better.


Vague set, fuzzy set, β-value of an interval, vague relation, α-vague-equality search, vague-proximity search, vague-search, vague-predicate, vague-query, α-fuzzy equality search, fuzzy-proximity search, fuzzy-search, fuzzy-predicate, fuzzy-query, tru