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Asterisk Open Source to Implement Voice over Internet Protocol


Ghossoon M.Waleed Al-Saadoon


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 39-42


Voice over IP (VolP) protocol is used to carry voice signal or the IP network. This allows us to use IP Telephone instead of the dedicated voice transmission telephone lines. This paper is focused in the Implementation of Voice over Internet Protocol (VolP) using open source (Asterisk). There are some characteristics for system in this paper such as types of protocol used to establish the connection. The platform for this system design is by using Linux as an Operating System (Debian). The open source software is used to implement the proposed solution. The problem is necessary for the IP telephony stream to be converted by a gateway to another format, either for interoperation with a different IP based multimedia scheme or because you are placing a call to the traditional Public Telephone Network (PSTN). The overall technology requirements of an IP telephony solution can therefore be split into four categories: signaling .encoding, transport and gateway control. The objective of this paper is to setup a VolP server by using Asterisk open source which is implemented on a Local Area Network (LAN) and also the main characteristics of VoIP will be explained, to make more use of the internet line rather than its usage for only surfing and chatting.


Debian, VoIP, Linux Operating System, H.323 protocol and Sisson Initiation protocol (SIP)