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Mobility impact, timing analysis and repeatability issues of DYMO protocol in a precise mobile ad hoc network


A. Boomarani Malany, RM. Chandrasekaran


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 107-112


In recent days, Mobile ad hoc network is an emerging trend and it has to face many challenges and issues. QOS (Quality of service) is a challenging requirement in mobile ad hoc networks. QOS metrics such as bandwidth, delay, delay jitter, packet delivery fraction are some of the requirements in this field. The design of a topology is a difficult task in mobile ad hoc network. This paper presents a new approach of designing a topology and to perform QOS requirements. These processes divulge the overall network efficiency as 94.7%. The performance may vary depending upon the topology design, flow patterns and mobility speed of the system. The repeatability issues and timing analysis also considered for run time variations, which is used for determining the scalability of mobile ad hoc networks. This paper performs various, quality of service metrics of mobile ad hoc network.


Manet, QOS, repeatability, scalability, DYMO