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Fault-Tolerant Guaranteed Cost Control of Uncertain Networked Control Systems with Time-varying Delay


Guo Yi-nan, Zhang Qin-ying


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 113-118


In practice, there inevitably exists the offset or disturbances induced by actuator failures. This is an ignored problem in integrity fault-tolerant control theory. In order to satisfy the robustness of system, the closed-loop model of uncertain networked control system with time-varying delay and actuator failures is established aiming at a class of controlled objective with uncertain parameters. The attenuation performance index of system for fault is defined. Combing with fault-tolerant control and guaranteed cost control, a fault-tolerant guaranteed cost controller is designed adopting Lyapunov stability analysis method. Simulation results indicate the controller can not only guarantee the asymptotic stability, but also ensure the robustness and anti-disturbance performance.


Networked control systems, Fault-tolerant, Guaranteed cost, Ttime-varying delay, Uncertain