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A Study on the Functional Silver Game Contents and Interface Technology


Hyun-Cheol Lee, Eun-Seok Kim, Im-Chul, Kang, Gi-Taek Hur


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 119-125


Because of the world's lowest birth rate of Korea and the development of medical technology, we expect that we'll make our way into an aging society with more than 14% of the population over 65 years old in 2018 and an super-aged society with more than 20% in 2026. As the aging population has increased, the silver generation is getting to account for the considerable percent of economic activities and becomes the main body of production and consumption. Although the economic activity of silver generation is increased, the development of silver contents for the leisure activities is still not revitalized. The serious silver contents and the easy-to-use interface are very important because the silver generation is relatively weaker than young people in perception, studying, and exercise, and is fragile in mobility and vitality. This paper suggests methods to develop sensory bicycle, gate ball, and mole game contents having lower body exercise effects for the silver generation to utilize leisure and maintain health. Along with fun as games, functional design factors suitable to the cognitive ability and bodily activity ability of the silver generation were considered and through sensory interfaces that are easy for the silver generation to use and customized progressing methods complying with individual characteristics, it was attempted to induce continued interests and lower body exercise effects.


Silver, Sensory bicycle, Gate ball, Mole game