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Rough Set Model for Discovering Multidimensional Association Rules


Anjana Pandey, KamalRaj Pardasani


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 159-164


In this paper, the mining of multidimensional association rules with rough set approach is investigated as the algorithm RSMAR.The RSMAR algorithm is constituted of two steps mainly. At first, to join the participant tables into a general table to generate the rules which is expressing the relationship between two or more domains that belong to several different tables in a database. Then we apply the mapping code on selected dimension, which can be added directly into the information system as one certain attribute. To find the association rules, frequent itemsets are generated in second step where candidate itemsets are generated through equivalence classes and also transforming the mapping code in to real dimensions. The searching method for candidate itemset is similar to apriori algorithm. The analysis of the performance of algorithm has been carried out.


Rough Set, multidimensional, inter-dimension association rule, data mining