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Distributed and Learner Adaptive E-Learning System Using Service Oriented Architecture


N.Ch.S.N.Iyengar, Jaghadeesh.R, Karthik.T.U, Prakash.N.M, Vijayasherly.V


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 187-190


Nowadays, Network and multimedia are the trend of the development of the e-Learning technology. With the rapid development of the network technique and the prevalence of the Internet, e-Learning has become the major trend of the development of international education. With the fast development of Internet, people prefer e-Learning to traditional learning in classroom. It promotes e-Learning consequently. Instead of building an e-Learning system from scratch, it can be assembled by choosing the required functionalities from a set of web services related to e-Learning. Web services eliminate many interoperability issues between components written and running on different hardware and software platforms. This project aims to construct a set of e-Learning web services. With these web services, new e-Learning system(s) can be constructed by choosing the services which are required. The developed web services include assessment, course management, grading and reporting services.


E-learning, web services, tutoring system, adaptive learning