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Algorithm for Text Hiding in Digital Image for Information Security


Ahmed Ibrahim, Arwa Zabian, Farehan Nizar Esteteya, Amani Khalid Al padawy


Vol. 9  No. 6  pp. 262-268


The mass diffusion of digital communication needs the special means of security. Cryptography concentrates on rendering the message unreadable to any unauthorized persons who might intercept them. In contrast, steganography is a method of concealing the existence of message to allow a secure communication in a complete undetectable manner. Digital image is the most common type of carrier used for steganography. In this paper, we have proposed a steganography mechanism, that reads the message and converts it to a colored image , that is transmitted to the authorized destination, and from which is extracted the information needed to reconstruct the original message. Our encryption approach is based on analyzing the plain text and extracting from it its component’s letters, which are encrypted in the colored image. Our results show that for a message size in the range (x1, x2 ) bytes, the size of the resultant image will be fixed and consequently the encryption and decryption time are fixed.


Text Hiding, Digital Image, Security