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An En-route Filtering Scheme Based on Priority as determined by the Fuzzy rule-based system


Sang Jin Lee, Tae Ho Cho


Vol. 9  No. 7  pp. 46-50


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) can be generally easily compromised by attackers since the networks are deployed in hostile environments. The attackers can inject a false report into the networks or fabricate MACs (message authentication codes) on real reports through compromised nodes. The attacks break down the networks as a result of the dissipation of energy or the interception of the message. Li and Wu proposed the PVFS (probabilistic voting-based filtering scheme) in order to protect against this type of attack. In the PVFS, determining the number of votes is very important since it determines the trade-off between the security level and the energy consumption. In this paper, we propose an EFSP (En-route Filtering Scheme based on Priority) to control the number of votes. The EFSP determines priorities through the fuzzy rule-based system. Each cluster head receives priority from the base station and then the cluster head attaches a specified number of votes to the report according to the priority. We demonstrate the efficiency of our EFSP through the simulation results.


Wireless sensor networks, false injection attack, PVFS (probabilistic voting-based filtering scheme), fuzzy rule-based system