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QoS Constrained Multicast Routing For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks


P.Latha, R.Ramachandran


Vol. 9  No. 7  pp. 66-70


QoS is essential in MANET to satisfy the communication constraints. Due to the fully mobile infrastructure and limited resources provided by the MANETs, qos techniques need to optimize the scarce resource. To meet the qos requirements of the applications, multicast routing protocols are required to construct the routes, with the qos being guaranteed. Previous qos routing/multicast routing protocols adopted some algorithms, but it does not guarantee that an admitted application receives the resources that were available from the network. So we propose a new protocol QoS-MAODV that extends MAODV with the qos support using the architecture of two?layered qos model (2Lqos). QoS-MAODV makes use of network layer metrics for the path discovery to balance the routing load and the consumption of resources. The application layer metrics is then used for the selection of the path based on the qos state of the path and the application requirements. Also the network resources is reserved and guaranteed for an admitted application using the diffserv architecture proposed for Internet. Simulation results show that the performance has been enhanced and the qos constraints have been satisfied when compared with MAODV.


Quality of service, MAODV, Multicastrouting, MANET, qos model