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Interleaved Hop-by-Hop Authentication using fuzzy logic to defend against of False Report Injection by Replaying an attack


Jong Hyun Kim, Tae Ho Cho


Vol. 9  No. 7  pp. 91-96


The wireless sensor node, being a micro electronic device, can only be equipped with a limited power source ( < 0.5 Ahm 1.2 V). In some application scenarios (which is like military area), replenishment of power resources might be impossible. Sensor node lifetime, therefore, shows a strong dependence on battery lifetime. An adversary may compromise some sensor nodes and use them to inject false sensing reports. False report can lead to not only false alarms but also false depletion of limited energy resource in battery powered networks. The interleaved hop-by-hop authentication scheme detects and filters such false reports through interleaved authentication. However an Adversary can make energy spent in nodes as false report injection of replaying attack relaying attack. The aim of adversary is to drain the limited energy in sensor nodes not to send false report to the Base Station. In this paper, we propose a countermeasure from this attack in using fuzzy logic in IHA scheme.


Sensor network, IHA, Fuzzy logic