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Wavelet Based Microcalcification Detection On Mammographic Images


K.Prabhu Shetty, V. R. Udupi, Bairu K. Saptalakar


Vol. 9  No. 7  pp. 213-217


This paper uses the spatial decomposition property of the discrete wavelet transform and statistical analysis in the property of skewness and kurtosis in order to trace out Microcalcification in the mammographic images. The mammographic images are region grown and applied with the wavelet transform .The spatial decomposed image that was got from the wavelet transform is subjected to statistical analysis. This statistical analysis involves finding skewness and kurtosis on the spatial coordinates of the decomposed image. This statistical analysis removes the complexity of edge detection techniques. And this becomes a pure numerical and probabilistic approach of finding the malign and benign microcalcification .The false acceptance ratio was found to be 4%. Image processing toolbox in Matlab is used for this application development.


Microcalcification, DWT, Skewness, texture, breast and Kurtosis