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Edge segmentation by Alternating Vector Field Convolution Snakes


Christian Rogaß, Sibylle Itzerott, Bernd Uwe Schneider, Hermann Kaufmann, Reinhard F. H?ttl


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 123-131


Active contours or snakes represent widely used methods in edge segmentation. Different, closed snake approaches have been proposed in the past but commonly lack of adequate capture ability and quality, noise robustness and convergence speed. In this paper a new closed approach namely “Alternating Vector Field Convolution (AVFC)” as well as a new force called “Yukawa Alternating Vector Field Convolution (YAVFC)” are proposed which minimize specific snake problems and enhance convergence speed. The comparison of both Gradient Vector Flow and Vector Field Convolution snakes with AVFC and YAVFC snakes determines the advantages of the new closed approaches.


Active contour, Snake, External force, Yukawa, Alternating vector field convolution