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Single Target Search and Capture based on Random Sensor Deployment in Mobile Sensor Networks


Jianying Zheng, Haibin Yu, Meng Zheng, Wei Liang, Peng Zeng


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 132-139


this paper addresses the problem of coordinating multiple agents in chasing and capturing a single mobile target, where the objective of a group of agents is to reduce the time of chasing and capturing the target with the aid of wireless sensor networks. Different from the previous algorithms, our research takes two factors into consideration: the non-deterministic target information obtained from the deployed sensor networks and the limited communication range of the mobile agents. The non-deterministic target information is described by a probabilistic method and the limited communication range is handled with keeping the agents within a suitable distance. Combining the above two aspects, we can efficiently guide the agents to chase and capture the mobile target and the time of chasing and capturing can be greatly reduced. The algorithm proposed is particularly applicable to two cases: one is the situation where two or more agents are required to chase and capture; the other is the situation where it is very difficult for sensors to determine which agent they should send the sensing information to. Finally, we have done many simulations and experiments to demonstrate the performance of the algorithm proposed in the paper.


mobile sensor networks, multi-agent systems, coordination control, wireless sensor networks, probabilistic strategies, motion planning, limited communication range.