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The Shortest Hypotenuse-Based Centerline Generation Algorithm


Pan Yuqing, Chen Wenchao, Sheng Yehua


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 155-159


Centerline is a basic element of road networks. Generally, it is generated from the existing road contours. In consideration of contour features in urban area, this study proposes the shortest hypotenuse-based centerline generation algorithm. It constructs right triangles with the key points of contours and connects the midpoints of hypotenuses to form centerlines. The algorithm is quite efficient and produces fewer redundant points. Based on the centerline generation algorithm, this study also proposes an intersection point identification algorithm via polygon construction, and it can fix the problem of inaccurate intersection point generation. Experimental result prove the efficiency and accuracy of the algorithms proposed.


Shortest Hypotenuse, Centerline, Intersection identification, GIS