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Non-Linear and Optimal Direct Torque Control of AC Drive using Fuzzy-GA Architecture


Rahul Malhotraa, Narinder Singhb, Yaduvir Singhc


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 209-215


This paper implements and compares Fuzzy-GA Direct Torque Control of AC drive with a fuzzy logic stand alone control architecture model. Fuzzy rules are generated by designers using trial and error method. Genetic Algorithm based fuzzy rules increase effectiveness and feasibility of control system. Direct Torque Control induction motors are characterized by complex, highly non-linear and time varying dynamics and inaccessibility of some states and output for measurements. The flux and torque control techniques are helpful to a certain extent to motor problems but they eventually deteriorate the performance. Intelligent controllers are considered to be the potential solution to such an application. Here, Genetic algorithms are combined with fuzzy logic model in order to enhance the reliability of the system.


Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy GA systems, Fuzzy Logic, Induction motor, Direct Control Torque