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Robust Digital Watermarking Based Falling-off-Boundary in Corners Board-MSB-6 Gray Scale Images


Mehemed Bashir Aliwa, Tarek El-Ahmady El-Tobely, Mahmood M. Fahmy, Mohamed EL Said Nasr, Mohamed Hashem Abd El-Aziz


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 227-240


Digital watermarking has been considered as a solution to the problem of copy protection in multimedia objects and many algorithms has been proposed. One of the problems in digital watermarking is that the three requirements of imperceptibility, capacity, and robustness that are must be satisfied but they almost conflict with each other. In this paper we propose a new digital watermarking technique in the spatial domain capable of embedding a totally indistinguishable in original image by the human eye. In addition by applying falling-off-boundary in corners board of cover image with the random pixel manipulation set of the most significant bit-6 (MSB6) leads to undetectability, imperceptibility and increase robustness. Experimental results of the proposed scheme imperceptibility, undetectability and robustness against large blurring attacks measured by peak signal to noise ratio, normalized cross correlation and similarity function values showed a significant improvement with respect to a previous works.


Data hiding, digital watermarking, imperceptible, PSNR, laplace operator, LSB & MSB