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MANET Security Issues


Nishu Garg, R.P.Mahapatra


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 241-246


When a routing protocol for manet Networks (mobile and ad hoc networks) does a route discovery, it does not discover the shortest route but the route through which the route request flood traveled faster. In addition, since nodes are moving, a route that was the shortest one at discovery time might stop being so in quite a short period of time. This causes, not only a much bigger end-to-end delay, but also more collisions and faster power consumption. In order to avoid all the performance loss due to these problems, this paper develops a technique to periodically discover shortcuts to the active routes that can be used with any destination vector routing protocol. It also shows how the same mechanism can be used as a bidirectional route recovery mechanism. We consider the problem of incorporating security mechanisms into routing protocols for ad hoc networks. Canned security solutions like IPSec are not applicable. We look at AODV in detail and develop a security mechanism to protect its routing information. We also briefly discuss whether our techniques would also be applicable to other similar routing protocols and about how a key management scheme could be used in conjunction with the solution that we provide.