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Performance Measurement of the Heterogeneous Network


Soumen kanrar, Mohammad Siraj


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 255-261


Till today we dreamt of imperceptible delay in a network. The computer science research grows today faster than ever offering more and more services (computational representational, graphical, intelligent implication etc) to its user. But the problem lies in “greater the volume of services greater the problem of delay”. So tracing delay, or performance analysis focusing on time required for computation, in a existing or newly configured network is necessary to conclude the improvement. In this paper, we have done the job of delay analysis in a multi-server system,. For this proposed work we have used continuous ?parameter Markov chains (Non ?Birth ?Death Process),for developing the required models, and for developing the simulator we have used queuing networking, different scheduling algorithms at the servers queue and process scheduling. The work can be further extended to test the performance of wireless domain.


Delay, LAN, Process scheduling, Queuing network