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Syntax Analysis and Machine Translation of Bangla Sentences


Musfique Anwar, Mohammad Zabed Anwar, Al-Amin Bhuiyan


Vol. 9  No. 8  pp. 317-326


This paper addresses a method to analyze syntactically Bangla sentence using context-sensitive grammar rules which accept almost all types of Bangla sentences including simple, complex and compound sentences and then interpret the input Bangla sentence to English using the NLP conversion unit. The grammar rules employed for this system allow parsing five categories of sentences according to Bangla intonation. The system is based on analyzing an input sentence and converting into a structural representation (SR). Once the SR is created for a particular sentence it is then converted to corresponding English sentence by NLP conversion unit. For conversion, the NLP conversion unit takes help of the Corpus. The effectiveness of this method has been justified over the demonstration of different Bangla sentences with 28 decomposition rules and the success rates in all cases are over 90%.


Context-sensitive grammar, NLP conversion, Structural representation (SR), Corpus