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Auction Oriented Resource Allocation in Grid Using Knowledge Based Pricing Policy


P. K. Suri, Manpreet Singh


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 91-95


In this paper, we implemented an auction?based framework for user and resource provider matchmaking in a grid. Auction models are often applied in the existing grid research, as they are easy to implement and are shown to successfully manage resource allocation in the grid market. The focus on the current work is on grid resource allocation based on Continuous Double Auctions (CDA). A continuous double auction allows many users and resource providers to continuously submit bids for the purchase and sale of a service. However, the basic form of the CDA has unnecessarily high price volatility, which causes dissatisfaction among participants. This paper presents a knowledge based pricing policy for CDA in order to reduce the unnecessary price volatility.


Simulation, Grid, Continuous Double Auction, Pricing Policy, Bid, Ask, Price Volatility