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Effectiveness of Web-Based Multimedia Health Education Program on Maternal Role Strain, Role Attainment and Postpartum Depression


Jeongyee Bae


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 96-100


Information technology offers an innovative tool for effective and efficient maternal and child health education. The objective of this study was to evaluate a web-based maternal education program developed for mothers in the postpartum period to provide more information on maternal role strain and help enhance mothering skills. A quasi-experimental design was used. The target population was primipara mothers who use the Internet on a regular basis. The primipara mothers were assigned to either control group or experimental group. Mothers who received web-based education showed a higher mean maternal role attainment score and less role strain. Meanwhile, the web-based education program had no significant effect to relieve postpartum depression. Results suggest that web-based education may contribute to improved maternal role attainment and relieve role strain. Web-based education program can achieve success in promoting maternal role attainment and provide health professionals with an evidence-based intervention.


Information Systems, Internet, Maternal Health