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Performance Analysis of Improved Cache Invalidation Scheme in Mobile Computing Environment


Miraclin Joyce Pamila J.C., Thanushkodi K


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 153-160


Improved data processing capabilities and increased data storage capacity of mobile devices facilitate on-line internet transaction processing. When number of mobile clients involve in transaction processing, they make frequent requests for accessing the data item from the data base server. So such simultaneous access requests increase network overhead and thus poor response time. So to improve response time and to decrease network overhead, frequently accessed data items are cached. But data items that are cached should be properly invalidated and in this paper, an improved cache invalidation technique is proposed. The proposed technique provides implicit cache invalidation, increased transaction throughput, dependency preservation and decreased response time with reduced complexity in mobile devices. Performance analysis ensures decreased response time, increased throughput with reduced link cost.


Cache invalidation, Transaction processing in mobile networks, Consistency preservation, concurrency control