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Evaluation of Biometrics


VenkataSubbaReddy Poli, Nagaraja Arcot, Jyothsna Charapanamjeri


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 261-269


Biometrics is the science of recognizing the identity of a person based on the physical or behavioral attributes of the individual such as face, fingerprints,voice and iris. Data derived from direct measure ment of a part of the human body. Fingerprint, iris-scan, retina-scan, hand geometry, and facial recognition are leading physiological biometrics. An automatic personal identification system based solely on one methodology often cannot meet the system performance requirements. So a combination of two or more methodologies is used to achieve required performance, which is called multibiometrics. In this paper we explained techniques used in biometric system, which includes Iris recognition,Finger print identification,speech recognition,Hand geometry.


BioMetrics,Iris recognition,Finger print identification,speech recognition,Hand geometry