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A Novel Approach Based on Staff Scheduling Optimization in Information Technology Projects


Amaury Brasil Filho, Ana Sofia Mar?al, Gabriela Costa, Pl?cido Rogerio Pinheiro, Rebecca Filgueiras Pinheiro


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 277-286


In an organization that develops Information Technology projects, often exists staff scheduling demands. In most of these organizations the resources are simultaneously shared between many projects. The organization has the responsibility of doing this optimized staff scheduling attending the projects demands. But, this is not a simple task to do and it turns more complex as the number of projects and professional increases. This paper proposes a mathematical programming model supported by multicriteria that will assist the Information Technology organization during the staff scheduling activity. The proposed model aims to optimize the demands of the professionals to the Information Technology projects.


Linear Programming, Multicriteria, Project Management