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A Genetic Functions Based Cryptosystem (GFC)


Subhranil Som, Joytsna Kumar Mandal, Soumya Basu


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 310-315


In this paper an encryption and decryption technique has been proposed and termed as A Genetic Functions Based Cryptosystem (GFC). Initiates random numbers are generated with the help of Linear Method and Genetic Functions; CROSSOVER and MUTATION, and the first digit of each of these numbers are taken sequentially and stored in an array, termed as Collection Array. A block of characters are taken as input whose ASCII values are selected sequentially and stored in another array. Subtracting the numbers of Collection Array from the ASCII values does the encryption method. Applying a loop starting from ASCII value 0 to ASCII value 255 and from these values the cipher text is subtracted sequentially and comparing the result with the collection array do the decryption method and then the required ASCII value is chosen. A comparison of the proposed technique with existing and industrially accepted RSA and Triple-DES has also been done in terms of encryption, decryption time; frequency distribution and non-homogeneity of source and encrypted files.


Genetic Functions Cryptographic Technique (GFC), Linear Method, Genetic Functions, Encryption, Decryption