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Combined watershed and deformable simplex mesh for volumetric reconstruction


EL Fazazy Khalid, Satori Khalid


Vol. 9  No. 9  pp. 322-326


Several geometric deformable models have been proposed to deform and manipulate 3D meshes to fit medical object. However, they reveal poor convergence to concave boundaries and necessitate manual interaction to initialize the model. Generally when dealing with volumetric reconstruction, one has to solve two synchronized problems: a segmentation problem consisting in the delineation (fit image boundaries) and an interpolation problem consisting in recovering the missing data. In this paper, we propose a deformable reconstruction system for 3D medical object and we address factors that influence evolution of deformable models. The input to our system is a set of lines extracted with watershed algorithm and deformable simplex meshes that take into account this prior knowledge.


Volumetric reconstruction, Deformable models, Watershed algorithm, Simplex meshes