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Towards an extension of UML2.0 to model mobile agent-based systems


Mohamed Redha Bahri, Rabah Mokhtari, Allaoua Chaoui


Vol. 9  No. 10  pp. 124-131


The technology of mobile agents obtained recently more importance not only because of its capacity of developing and building a distributed, heterogeneous, and interoperable systems, but also because of its robustness development of mobile and communication network as well. However, there are few works dealing with the methods and tools of analysis and design of the mobile agents systems. Furthermore, the mobile systems have introduced new concepts as: migration, cloning and the locations. We propose in this paper an extension of the most important UML 2.0 diagrams to model the mobile agents systems with the objective to face these three concepts. A case study illustrates the proposed approach.


Mobile agents, Object Oriented Agent, UML, Object Oriented Modeling Approach