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A Model for the Management of the Knowledge applied to the Software Development Process


Vieira, Sandro C., Weigang, Li, Ladeira. Marcelo


Vol. 9  No. 10  pp. 153-161


This paper describes a research which was conducted in order to obtain a model of the Text Mining and Case Based Reasoning designed for aiding the knowledge management for the software development process and improve software reuse. To achieve this goal we propose a model to determine the similarity between software development requests which are composed both by structured elements, described by codes or symbols, and non-structured elements described in natural language. An algorithm about the measurement of this similarity was proposed and the model was constructed as a complete information system. The application was realized as a case study in a finance organization. The results collected illustrate the efficiency of the system to improve software reuse and to avoid duplicated efforts in solution design. The paper shows the potential of the proposed system in the construction of detail solutions and characteristics for this organization.


D.2.0, Software engineering, General