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Collusion-resistant reputation-based intrusion detection system for MANETs


Angelo Rossi, Samuel Pierre


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 8-14


Most intrusion detection systems (IDS) for mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are based on reputation system which classifies nodes according to their degree of trust. However, existing IDS all share the same major weakness: the failure to detect and react on colluding attacks. The proposed IDS effectively integrates the colluding risk factor into the computation of the path reliability which considers the number and the reputation of nodes that can compare both the source message and the retransmitted one. Also, the extended architecture effectively detects malicious and colluding nodes in order to isolate them and protect the network. The simulations launched in various MANETs containing various proportions of malicious and colluding nodes show that the proposed solution offers a considerable throughput gain compared to current solutions. By effectively selecting the most reliable route and by promptly detecting colluding attacks, the number of lost messages is decreased, and therefore, offering more efficient transmissions.


Intrusion detection system (IDS), mobile ad hoc networks, reputation system, colluding attack, network security