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Quality of Service Routing in Mobile Ad hoc Networks considering Lifetime and Energy predictions with Traffic Distribution


Shuchita Upadhayaya, Charu Gandhi


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 25-30


Mobile Ad hoc Networks are highly dynamic networks. Quality of Service (QoS) routing in such networks is usually limited by the network breakage due to either node mobility or energy depletion of the mobile nodes. Also, to fulfill certain quality parameters, presence of multiple node-disjoint paths becomes essential. Such paths aid in the optimal traffic distribution and reliability in case of path breakages. Thus, to cater such problem, we present a node-disjoint multipath protocol. The metric used to select the paths takes into account the stability of the nodes and the corresponding links. Optimal paths are also selected and the load is distributed proportionally .The proposed technique is also illustrated with an example.


QoS Rrouting, Mobile Ad hoc Network, Energy-Aware Routing, Multipath Rrouting