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Modeling and Analysis of Iran’s Nuclear Conflict


M. A. Rashid, A. Kinjo, M. R. Islam, M. Tariquzzaman, T. Nagata, S. Tamaki


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 31-38


Iran’s nuclear conflict has been a controversial issue since few years ago. It possesses an economic, political and perhaps the military aspects that may change the power equation in the Middle East. Hence the international powers are very sensitive to this issue. However, the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program is a multi-player conflict, which addresses the part of the uncertainty that Iran may face in their decision making process. To take into account the uncertainty in decision analysis effectively, the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program has been modeled and analyzed using Graph Model for Conflict Resolution. We performed the stability analysis to predict the possible resolutions to the conflict. The analysis result shows that a peaceful resolution for the conflict occurs only if both Iran and UNSC reform their perception on each other. All parties should keep seeking diplomatic efforts to avoid a disaster.


Nuclear conflict, Stability analysis, GMCRII, UNSC and IAEA