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Framework Model for Shell Expert System


Hussein H. Owaied, Monzer Moh’d Qasem, Hazim A. Farhan


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 56-68


In the design and implementation of any expert system, there are many problems should be considered and study carefully. In reality, human experts have common sense, deduction and analogical reasoning facilities. The proposed framework model for shell expert system is based on the integration of two different knowledge representation formats (scheme) in the knowledge base. The proposed scheme is the mixing of the Rule-base and the Case-based forms using Blackboard in order to include the three facilities in one scheme. This Scheme will be facilitate applying more than one problem solving methods and search techniques in inference engine of the shell expert system. The rule base and case base formats have been converted into tables. This paper presents the implementation of the proposed scheme as a Rule-Case-based shell expert system. Also, presents illustrated examples of using the framework model together with the evaluation of the proposed framework model. The evaluation is based on the methodologies used for developing shell expert system such as knowledge representations, searching technique, problem solving, and user interface design. The benefits of the propose scheme in the application of Rule-Case-based shell expert system to be more flexible, efficient, and more powerful for the development of the expert systems in future.


Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Shell expert Systems, Problem Solving Methodologies, Search Techniques and Relational Database