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Optimal Initiation based Vertical Handover for UMTS-802.11 WLAN Overlay networks


S M Hasan Mansur, Syed Muhammad Shahriar, Mohammad Arif Saber, Mohammad Moakhkhrul Islam, Arefin Samad Khan


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 69-74


The next generation of wireless communications will be based on a heterogeneous infrastructure consisting different wireless and wired access systems where users will enjoy fast and seamless mobility and “anytime - anywhere” access to applications with least interruption and disruption of wireless connectivity .In this context, a strong need has been emerged to integrate WLAN with 3G mobile networks and design a hybrid architecture capable to suffice the needs of users with ubiquitous data services and seamless roaming .This paper addresses this need by introducing a vertical handoff algorithm for integrated UMTS-WLAN which uses signal strength as well as predefined threshold value to predict where and when the handover should occur, thus optimizing user throughput and network performance.


UMTS, 802.11WLAN, Vertical Handover, RSS