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Design & Simulation of Robust H∞ Control Based Power System Stabilizer for SMIB models


Jayapal R, J.K.Mendiratta


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 135-149


This paper presents the design of a H?control based power system stabilizer for a single machine infinite bus system when certain faults take place in a power system. The conventional power system stabilizer (CPSS) is bound to a particular operating state and its performance degrades when any deviation occurs from the quiescent operating state. Two power system models are considered herewith, viz., model 1.1 & model 2.2. In this context, a robust power system stabilizer (RPSS) is designed using the Glover-McFarlane’s H loop shaping design procedure for a single machine infinite bus system & this concept is presented in this research paper. Guidance for loop shaping and synthesis of the robust controller are also presented along with the selection of the weighting functions. The resulting RPSS ensures the stability for a set of perturbed operating points with respect to the nominal system and has good oscillation damping ability. Comparisons are also made between the CPSS & RPSS. Various parameters such as the terminal voltage, torque, omega, rotor angle are plotted. The simulation results shown depict the effectiveness of the method developed for an SMIB based power system using the concept of robustness & H control.


Robust controller, Loop Shaping, H?Synthesis, Glover-McFarlane Loop Shaping, Power System Modeling, SMIB, Power system stabilizer