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Level Set Methods Implementation for Image Levelsets and Image Contour


Nassir H. Salman


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 199-202


Smoothing an image under the curvature of its level sets (Mean curvature flow), create contour plot of image data were used. To do that, a high level function (evolve2D) was used that can utilize any combination of: 1) a force in the normal direction to the curve, 2) a curvature-based force, and 3) evolution under the influence of an external vector field. This function takes an input, evolves it N iterations and returns the result. So; in this paper, all level sets of the image are smoothed under curvature-based forces and the level sets of the original image are calculated. Then the image was smoothed after 25-50 iterations of smoothing, and then we calculated its corresponding level sets. Also in this paper the Matlab function IMCONTOUR (img) was used to draw a contour plot of the intensity image ( img). The method gives us accurately the level sets of our image before and after smoothing. The processing time for different processed images was calculated. Finally the results were compared with active contour method and levelset without re-initialization method.


Levesets, Active contour, Curve evolution, Matlab, Image contour