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Reversible Image Watermarking using Bit Plane Coding and Lifting Wavelet Transform


S. Kurshid Jinna, L. Ganesan


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 250-255


This paper proposes a distortionless image data hiding algorithm based on integer wavelet transform that can hide data into the original image .The data can be retrieved and the original image can be recovered without any distortion after the hidden data are extracted. This algorithm hides data into one or more middle bit-plane(s) of the integer wavelet transform coefficients in the LH, HL and HH frequency sub bands. It can embed more data into the bit planes and also has the necessary imperceptibility requirement. The image histogram modification may be used to prevent grayscales from possible overflow or underflow. Experimental results have demonstrated the performance of the algorithm.


Reversible image data hiding, bit plane, compression, integer wavelet transform, lifting scheme