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Intelligent energy management based on multi-agent approach in a hybrid vehicle


Ali Yahyaouy, Jalal Saborb, Hamid Gualousc, Mohamed Lamrinia


Vol. 9  No. 11  pp. 322-330


Among the areas of research and development which take a big importance in the field of electrical energy production are the fuel cells and supercapacitors. In this paper, we present a multi-agent structure for energy management in a hybrid electrical vehicle. Our simulation application is conceived and developed to share, in an intelligent and instantaneous way, the demand of the electric power between a PEM fuel cell (Proton Exchanges Membrane) and a pack of supercapacitors. In our hybrid configuration, the fuel cell is the primary energy source; but the pack of supercapacitors is used to answer the demands of the strong powers during the transient regimes. The obtained results show that the multi-agent approach can remedied certain problems bound to the centralized management of hybrid energy.


Multi-agent system, AUML, Energy management, Distributed control, Hybrid electric vehicle, Supercapacitors, Fuel cell