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An Affinity Based Lateral Fuzzy Artificial Immune Network and Its Applications


Fangjia Li, Shangce Gao, Zheng Tang


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 1-6


Inspired by the natural immune system, the artificial immune system has been attracting more and more attentions. In our previous works, an artificial immune network (AIN) based on the immune principles and a lateral interaction artificial immune network (LAIN) which considers the relationship between different antibodies were proposed. However, there are still some problems such as input and memory are all binary representation and it does not consider the antigen diversity of immune system. In order to solve these problems, in this paper we propose a fuzzy artificial lateral immune network (FLAIN) model by considering the antigen diversity which is the most important property to be exhibited in the immune system. Simulations based on the noisy pattern recognition and clustering show that the proposed model outperforms the traditional ones in terms of noisy tolerance and precision.


Artificial Immune System, Pattern Recognition, Clustering