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Wireless Information Security Based on Cognitive Approaches


S.C.Lingareddy, B Stephen Charles, Vinaya Babu, Kashyap Dhruve


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 49-54


Wireless networks are becoming a key technology for ubiquitous broadband access, through city wide blanket Wi-Fi coverage or dense enterprise Wi-Fi deployments. Securing such wireless networks poses distinctive research challenges. A larger number of organizations, based on vendor literature, think that the security provided at their deployed wireless access points is adequate to prevent unauthorized access and use. Unfortunately, this is far from truth. The current security mechanisms provided at access points are vulnerable to attacks and pose huge threats to the integrity of the network. Our approach describes about securing of wireless networks by the cognitive neural network approaches in which, the users are uniquely identified using their respective Physical Architecture Description Layer (PADL) attributes.


Back Propagation, Cognitive Security Manager, IEEE 802.11, Neural Network approaches, Physical Architecture Description Layer, Wireless Network security