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Enhancing WLAN MAC Protocol performance using Differentiated VOIP and Data Services Strategy


S.Vijay Bhanu, RM.Chandrasekaran


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 89-95


The application of Voice over-IP (VoIP) over WLANs has drawn a lot of attention from both industry and academia. Currently, the highly dense deployment of WLANs results in that the number of stations in a Basic Service Set (BSS) increases quickly, and thus the work on the capacity for VoIP is becoming a new research hot point. For many of today’s 802.11 MAC implementations, the 802.11e requires a HW upgrade. However, replacing existing 802.11 HW devices to provide QoS is costly, and hence may not be desirable to many WLAN owners, especially, hotspot service providers with a huge number of deployed APs. In recent years, various methods have been proposed to improve the capacity for VoIP in WLANs, and they can be divided into two approaches. 1.Enhance the efficiency of VOIP in MAC layer, 2.Differentiate VoIP and data services. The first approach is achieved by header compression and frame aggregation.This strategy requires modification to existing protocols, and cannot be supported by current devices. This paper considers only the second method. It proposes a simple software upgrade based solution, called an Extended Dual queue Scheme (EDQ), to provide QoS to real-time services such as VoIP. The extended dual queue scheme operates on top of the legacy MAC. EDQ does not require any WLAN device hardware (HW) upgrade.