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Automatic treatment of the learner’s productions


Aziz Derouichi, Mohammed Karim, ElKaber Hachem


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 96-100


An adjustable hypermedium is supposed to post a pedagogic behaviour close to actual teaching. Among other things, it must be able to adjust the learning to the learner. In order to fulfil this individualization, such a system must possess a set of information about its user, usually called “learner’s pattern”. Our article is concerned with the learner’s patterning problematic in an adjustable hypermedium. The described information in the pattern must be reliable enough reflecting the real cognitive and psychological state of the learner too. We suggest here the use of conceptual maps to treat and evaluate the learner’s knowledge automatically.


Adjustable hypermedium, learner’s pattern, learner’s cognitive state, conceptual maps