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Optimized Time Convergence in Switching And Routing


B.G.Prasanthi, T.Bhaskar reddy


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 117-122


The wide deployment of Layer 2/Layer 3 switches in the wiring closet and distribution layers of the campus and enterprise networks has cause lot of dependency on the Spanning Tree Protocol to ensure loop free networks. To define, spanning tree is a protocol designed to eliminate loops in a topology having redundant links. This paper tries to explore the trivial and widely used STP to introduce three enhancements, which can help in improving performance of the network in terms of convergence time ,route ability , better link utilization. In the growing LAN network to control the redundant link failures in layer2 and to over come the issue faced by administrators in configuring different types of protocols.


STP, chassis, channeling, Zones, VLAB, Switch, convergence