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Impact of TCP Window Size on IPv4 and IPv6 Performance


Mohd. Khairil Sailan, Rosilah Hassan


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 129-133


IPv4 will run out of address space soon and IPv6 will co-exist with IPv4 in IP network. This article highlights the impact of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Window Size for IPv4 and IPv6 performance. Multiple sizes of files from 100MB to 1000MB were transferred between two hosts by using multi size of TCP window. Five tryouts were made for every TCP window size and for every file size used for the test of both IPv4 and IPv6. Average from three consistent results from five tryouts was used to tabulate the performance graph. Other metrics such as packet drop, packet error, discarded input, discarded output and discarded IP datagram with route failure were monitored, while accurate Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) community name and version are configured to ensure high level of accuracy for the test. Further study of this research area will be carried out because there is a need for improvement in IP based network performance.


IPv4, IPv6, performance, benchmark