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A Method in Applying Psychology to Multimedia Design and HCI Education


Idyawati Hussein, Esmadi Abu Abu Seman, Mohd. Hairy Mohamaddiah


Vol. 9  No. 12  pp. 134-142


This paper intends to reflect a human information processing model as a cognitive design assistant tool which supports multimedia design and/or Human Computer Interaction (HCI) education. The tool covers selection of multimedia elements and guidance of what process involve in the mind for such selection or combination. Hence, provide heuristics of potential bad media selection towards human information processing. Although it has not yet been tested by the industry and practitioners, this tool is useful as an introduction to any multimedia designer who has no psychology background or formal HCI education towards attention directing design. An evaluation was carried out to measure the perceived usefulness and effectiveness of the tool and the results showed that the tool has a positive impact on multimedia design.


Human information processing, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), cognitive advisor, multimedia systems, bottleneck, Malaysia